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Over 100 years of healing (1).png


Unani & Company is a Unani herbal medicines manufacturer based in Delhi. The company has been manufacturing Unani medicines for over 100 years. Our medicines like Roghan Phosphorus oil for joint pain, Siko syrup for liver ailments, Purshabab for impotence, Kaf Syp Lo for cough and catarrh, Battisa for uterus strengthening and mensuration disorders, Leucorin for leucorrhoea, Musaffi for blood purification have proven to be impressively effective and have been in demand for their attractive prices besides our product quality. Our classical Khamiras and Majuns have also been in demand for their manufacturing quality. The company is a trusted name in the Unani industry and has been enjoying continuous growth for its credibility in effective herbal cures across India. 

Hakim Syed Mohammed Hamid Ali, who founded ‘The Unani & Co.’ in 1915, started receiving training in the Sharifi clan at Sharif Manzil, Ballimaran, Delhi from an early age. The late Hakim saheb received training in the Unani system of medicine under the patronage of Masih-ul-Mulk Hakim Hafiz Mohammed Ajmal Khan and Masih-ul-Mulk Sani Hakim Mohammed Ahmed Khan. He spent a long time under the tutelage of these accomplished hakims and learnt their tried and tested and priceless ancestral formulations that had been passed on to them orally from generations to generations.

The late Hakim saheb became an accomplished practitioner of the Unani system of medicines by virtue of his innate intelligence, hard work and dedication. He had a very long association with the Hindustani Dawakhana at Ballimaran which was founded by Masih-ul-Mulk Hakim Ajmal Khan. 

Hakim Syed Mohammed Hamid Ali had no equal in the field of manufacturing of drugs and kushtas and knowledge of mufradaat (uncompounded medicines). That is why not only Hindustani Dawakhana but Hamdard Dawakhana and Bada Dawakhana (Shama Dawakhana) also simultaneously availed of his expertise and experience for a long time. Hakim Abdul Hamid, founder of Hamdard Dawakhana set a great value at him and as such continued to avail of his services till the very last. Hakim saheb’s mind was a storehouse of insights which are achieved not by bookish knowledge but by virtue of long experience. For rare mufradaat (uncompounded medicines) he always had in mind a number of alternatives having the same efficacy.

Late Hakim saheb had such a deep interest in the Unani system of medicines that that he set up his own Dawakhana called ‘The Unani & Co.’ in 1915. His deep interest, dedication and hardwork enabled him to run his dawakhana successfully while he was still in service. For him, it was more a passion than a commercial enterprise. He led a simple and contented life. His only passion was ‘tib’ or Unani system of medicines. Service to all remained his motto. He was an expert in diagnosis by feeling the pulse. He ran free clinic at his residence early every morning. He also provided free medicines to poor patients. Since he was one of the best makers of medicines, a majority of hakims of that time got their medicines prepared by him. He had no equal in making of kushtas. That is why Tibbia College Dawakhana, Aligarh got large quantities of supplies of kushtas from him for a long time. It was under his watchful eyes that his descendants learnt the methods of making medicines in all aspects. They benefitted from his experiences gained over a long period of 80 years. He laid great stress on the fact that recovery of a patient depended on accurate prescription and right medicines. In other words, standard manufacturing of medicines is a vital need of the Unani system of medicines. A medicine can hardly be efficacious unless it is made by an expert apothecary with pure ingredients in accurate weight. Keeping this fact in view, his descendants (now in third generation) who have inherited the methodology of making medicines from him, have been engaged in making high quality medicines under the brand name of Unani & Co. The company has a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificate from the Government of India.

Founded in 1915, the Unani & Co. is now more than a century old. It has successfully maintained it high standard of manufacturing medicines in all these years. It has never compromised with the quality of medicines due to its principle of giving priority to high standard over earning profit. The company still abides by this principle in the times of profiteering.

Prominent hakims have been acknowledging the unique efficacy and utility of medicines manufactured by this company for a long time. You can use the patented products of this company with utmost trust and complete confidence as they are manufactured as per the pharmacopoeia with pure ingredients with age-old expertise. Our medicines have stood the test of time with their high quality and high efficacy.

hakim hamid ali
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