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Majun Arad Khurma

We guarantee the Quality

Our Majun Arad Khurma is made with the best quality dry fruits, cinnamon, khurma etc.
We can assure our customers that our quality of products is 100% pure.

Majun Arad Khurma


​Majoon Arad Khurma is effective in spermatorrhoea. Increases the production of semen and its viscosity. Useful in excessive nocturnal emission. Cures premature ejaculation and provides sex vigour. Majoon Arad Khurma is taken as a supplement with Qurs Purshabab These two medicines together have popularly helped  many patients. These medicines are An effective medicine for impotence, nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation and involuntary discharge of semen. It brings back the lost strength of the genital organ and removes general weakness. Increases sex vigour by activating the glandular and nervous system. Majoon Arad Khurma and Purshabab relieves hypersensitivity of glands that cause premature ejaculation. Increases the retentive power and sex vigour lost due to the excessive indulgence in sexual intercourse. Increases the density of semen and thus controls all types of seminal discharge.

Key Ingredients

Samaghe Aarabi Aarad Khurma Singhara Khushk Satawar Maghze Badam Maghze Chilghoza Maghze Funduq Maghze Pamba Dana Bisbasa Qaranfal Jauzbuwa Qand Safaid


10 gms. to be taken with milk in the morning.

Know more about us

Unani & Company (unanico) is a Unani herbal medicines manufacturer based in Delhi. The company has been manufacturing Unani medicines for over 100 years. Our medicines like Roghan Phosphorus oil for joint pain, Siko syrup for liver ailments, Purshabab for impotence, have proven to be impressively effective and have been in demand for their attractive prices besides our product quality.


Our classical Khamiras and Majuns have also been in demand for their manufacturing quality. The company is a trusted name in the Unani industry and has been enjoying continuous growth for its credibility in effective herbal cures across India. 

Majun Arad Khurma

  • High quality raw material

  • Guaranteed formulation

  • Moderate Pricing

  • Bigger Packs

  • Highly Effective

Majun Arad Khurma

40mL Standard HDPE  Pharma Container-23040_edited.png
  • Cheaper Raw Material

  • Compromised Formulation

  • High Pricing

  • Low Quantity

  • Compromised Efficacy

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