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Effective for specific feminine ailments like leucorrhoea and excessive menstruation which cause backache, pain in pelvis and joints. It regulates abnormal menstrual cycle caused by the weakness of uterus. Strengthens the uterine functions and checks complaints arising from the weakness of uterus. It corrects and strengthens the internal disorders of uterus and makes conception possible.

Very effective for those women who have tendency to abortion and have problems in conceiving. It is health preserving during pregnancy and helps in giving birth to a healthy child.

Removes debility after child birth and restores perfect health. Enriches the body with pure blood.

Directions:  10 gm. to be taken with milk in the morning or as advised by the physician.

Mix well before use.

Precautions:  Avoid taking sour, flatulent, spicy and hard to digest food stuffs.

Packing:  250 gm.

32 Booti Ka Battisa 250g

₹230.00 Regular Price
₹200.00Sale Price

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