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About Safoof Chutki

The name Chutki is due to use to children in dose of Chutki (pint).Safuf Chutki is a Unani powder form formulation which is used in indigestion and constipation, increases appetite and releases gas.Dried powdered drug is Safoof. It may be prepared from one drug or from more than one drug. Hippocrates used it in his period. 

Indications of Safoof Chutki


Ingredients of Safoof Chutki

Haleela Siyah (Terminelia chebula unripe fruit) Podina Khushk (Mentha arvensis herb) Filfil Siyah (Piper nigrum fruit) Namak Tuam (Sodium chloride) Zaranbad (Curcuma zedoria root) Suhaga Biryan (Borax roasted) 

Dosage of Safoof Chutki

To be given 500 mg in children, 1 gm in adults or as directed by the Unani physician.

Safoof Chutki 50g


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