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It is a remedy for invigorating the brain. Iksir Muqavvi Dimagh is highly effective in relieving the weakness of brain which causes problems like inability to study, fatigue while doing mental work,   headache, giddiness, mental fatigue, poor mental concentration and retention. It refreshes the overworked and tired brain. Removes mental exhaustion, apprehension and anxiety. It improves mental concentration and retention. Enhances memory and eye sight. It is a boon to students and persons who do excessive mental work. It safeguards from day to day attack of cold and catarrh.

 Directions:  6 gms. (one teaspoonful) to be taken with water in the morning  or as and when needed. Mix well the contents before use.

Packing: 100g

Iksir Quwwat e Dimagh 100g


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