Effective herbal cough syrup for dry cough. A cough syrup for kids and adults.

A very effective herbal cough syrup for cough (kaf), dry cough, cold, catarrh and sore throat. It is highly effective in all types of cough and respiratory troubles. Relieves dry, acute and whooping cough in which phlegm is discharged with great difficulty and after too much coughing often ends in vomiting. It gives immediate relief by expelling out phlegm easily from the lungs and acts as defense against cold and catarrh. This syrup also has excellent healing effect in cough and cold among kids.

It is beneficial in asthmatic cough. Relieves difficulty in breathing, chest congestion and bronchitis. It is also useful in early stage of tuberculosis. It has a soothing effect on kids who suffer from mild fever, chest congestion and breathing problem.

It is a highly effective trusted herbal cough syrup for dry cough without any side effects.


10 ml. (two spoonfuls) mixed with lukewarm water to be taken well before breakfast and in the evening or at bed time. In case of dry cough or difficulty in expulsion of phlegm, it may be taken mixed with warm milk.

Kids may be given 2 ml. to 5 ml. according to their age.

Shake the bottle before use.

Packing:  100 ml. , 200 ml. , 450 ml.  

Kaf Syp Lo