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Luboob Purshabab increases the production of semen and its viscosity. Removes the problem of watery ejaculation. Useful in excessive nocturnal emission. It Cures premature ejaculation and provides vigor and stamina.

It is helpful in low sperm count, sperm mortality and testosterone levels due to unhealthy food and lifestyle. It works on the male body, strengthening the organs and improving the physical health of males. It also boosts the libido.

It acts as a great supplementary medicine to Qurs Purshabab® and boosts its effectiveness. It does not have any side effects upon regular use for a longer period as the treatment continues.

Dose – 1 teaspoon to be taken in the morning with milk and 2 Tablets of Qurs Purshabab  or as prescribed by the physician.

Luboob Purshabab Silver 250g

₹220.00 Regular Price
₹200.00Sale Price

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