Ambreena is a special tonic made of vigour promoting ingredients – fresh fruit, meat, indigenous herbs – which make a specific contribution towards strengthening the body organs and muscles. Stimulates the vital organs. Very effective in general debility and convalescence. It acts as a treatment during convalescence for a speedy restoration of health and vigour. Increases resistance to diseases.

Regulates the function of stomach and liver and thus enhances the production of healthy blood. Improves the digestive system and increases the appetite. Helps in assimilating the diet well.

Very useful for those who do excessive mental or physical work. Removes fatigue and exhaustion due to over work and brings about a soothing effect on nervous and mental exhaustion and keeps the body sound and energetic.

During fast it removes the weakness and exhaustion and restores energy. It is a tonic for the whole family all the year round.

Directions:  10 ml. (2 teaspoonfuls) mixed with milk to be taken in the morning and evening or as advised by the physician.

Shake the bottle before use.

Packing:   100 ml., 200 ml. , 450 ml.