Very effective in muscular pain, back ache, muscular cramps, rheumatism, hurt, sprain, inflammation, paralysis, lumbago etc. It has a tonic effect on the nerves and muscles. Strengthens the weak bones and nourishes the limbs. Very useful for children who are unable to walk or stand normally due to weakness of bones or muscles. It gives instantaneous relief in old pains and hurts which disturb repeatedly. Being quick in action, it is a boon for sport persons.


Directions : At bed time or when needed, apply a small quantity of oil on the affected part of the

body and rub gently till the oil is absorbed. Repeat the same process twice or thrice.

Do not rub the skin very hard, it may cause irritation.  After absorbing the oil well on the affected part, cover it with a cotton cloth or bandage. Do not use cotton. No further warming of the affected part is needed.


Precautions :  

* The oil is “For External Use Only.”

* Do not apply the oil on cuts, bruises, burns, boils etc.

* Always keep the bottle air tight.

* While using, recap the bottle immediately.

* Do not smell the oil or inhale the gas.

* Wash hands well with soap after use.

* Keep away from children.


Packing:  30ml., 60ml., 100ml.

Roghan Phosphorus

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