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“ZIABETIN” is a complete solution for diabetes. It contains ingredients that are well known anti-diabetic health promoting nutraceuticals that have been in use by Unani and Ayurveda physicians for centuries. The herbs included in this formulation are also proven anti-diabetics in multiple modern researches.


“ZABETIN” protects cells in the pancreas that release insulin. It also helps control blood sugar levels by facilitating insulin secretion and also has insulin like effects on the body being a specific hypoglycemic supplement. It is very helpful in reducing fasting blood sugar. It regulates the glucose up take of the body especially in the large intestines. It reduces inflammation in diabetic persons caused by insulin resistance. It regulates the immune system of diabetic persons. It also improves health of the liver thus boosting metabolism. It purifies the blood and has anti-oxidant ingredients that removes toxic wastes produced in metabolism thus improving circulation of healthy blood in the body.


Dose :  5 gm. (1 teaspoonful) to be taken after meals twice a day.

Ziabetin Powder 100g

₹140.00 Regular Price
₹120.00Sale Price

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