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Unani & Company is now unanico® 

Effective Unani Medicines
at their right prices
 since 1915

Our Best formulations


A 100 year old establishment

Unani & Company is a Unani herbal medicines manufacturer based in Delhi. The company has been manufacturing Unani medicines for over 100 years. Our medicines like Roghan Phosphorus oil for joint pain, Siko syrup for liver ailments, Purshabab for impotence, Kaf Syp Lo for cough and catarrh, Battisa for uterus strengthening and mensuration disorders, Leucorin for leucorrhoea, Musaffi for blood purification have proven to be impressively effective and have been in demand for their attractive prices besides our product quality. Our classical Khamiras and Majuns have also been in demand for their manufacturing quality. The company is a trusted name in the Unani industry and has been enjoying continuous growth for its credibility in effective herbal cures across India. 

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